2016 Ford C Max: Energi VS Hybrid Models

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2016 Ford C Max: Energi VS Hybrid Models

Here we go with two models of 2016 Ford C Max, Energi, and Hybrid. Do you still remember what Ford offered in 2012? This USA based manufacturer introduced two hybridized mini-minivans in the form of C-Max and C-Max Energi. Those Ford automobiles were equipped with gas and diesel powertrains. But now, let us see what the new generation of Ford C Max has.

2016 Ford C Max: Energi Model

The 2016 Ford C Max Energi plug-in Hybrid offers an innovative mix of fuel economy. The system is built with the electric-only range with some utility and refinement added. These features become the superiorities of one of the 2016 Ford C Max models. In addition, stylish interior is supported by the well made elements, performance is advocated with ride dynamic, quick acceleration and refined handling, and comfort is bolstered with the well elevated driving position. On the other hand, the 2016 Ford C Max price of this model has a shocking gap with the hybrid model making it feels too expensive.

There are some 2016 Ford C Max changes. Some new features are added to the new 2016 Ford C Max. Especially for the Energi model, the infotainment system is with special Ford’s Sync and improved voice recognition. The eight inch touchscreen is completed with fingertip swiping and also pinch to touch capabilities.  For those who are looking for car with high efficiency, this plug in hybrid car is a great deal to take.  Moreover, it has a considerable performance. With the 2.0 liter four cylinder gasoline engine and 7.6 kWh lithium-ion battery pack, it has a surprising 188 horsepower connected to CVT (Continuously Variable Transmission).

2016 Ford C Max: Hybrid Model

Looking for an everyday car, the 2016 Ford C Max hybrid can be a good alternative. This car is designed with its flexibility of everyday crossovers, wagons, and hybrids. Moreover, it is also supported with the high fuel economy. It seems to be undeniable. In addition to its impressive fuel efficiency, this new hybrid model of Ford C Max is also completed with high-quality interior, comfort driving with elevated driving position and excellent performance with refined ride, responsive handling and quick acceleration, just the same as the Energi model.

It is still interesting even with less cargo space, compared to other competitors, and long braking distances. Drivers are not recommended to drive it too fast that the braking system can’t handle it well. Some changes are also implemented for this 2016 Ford C Max hybrid. They include the Ford’s new Sync 3 tech interface. Similar to what it is applied to the energy, it also has the voice recognition improved, and smart eight-inch touchscreen with the capabilities of fingertip swiping and pinch to touch.

Although the new hybrid car of 2016 Ford C Max is equipped with the same engine as the energy model, 2.0 liters four cylinder gasoline engine which are paired to a lithium ion battery pack and continuously variable transmission, the acceleration is different. With the same 188 horsepower, hybrid has 0.3 second slower than the energy in reaching 60 mph from zero. However, this achievement is still better than the 2016 Prius (2 seconds slower) and Prius V wagon (0.5-second slower).

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