2016 Toyota Supra as the Best Sports Car for Young Generation

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2016 Toyota Supra as the Best Sports Car for Young Generation

2016 Toyota Supra is a new sport car which is collaboration between Japanese auto motor giant Toyota and German BMW colossus. With this tremendous collaboration, this sports car will be the most sophisticated innovations and designs of sport car. Moreover, Toyota Supra is expected to appeal to younger generation owing to the magnificent looks of exterior and interior design. What makes it be expected to be the best sport car for the younger generation is it comes with the better fuel efficient. Because of the big collaboration, it has the tremendous features that will be offered such a high technology interior features. With these futuristic features, the price range of Toyota Supra is between $60,000 until $80.000. In additional, Toyota Supra has been released around the middle year of 2015.

Interior and Exterior

Exterior and interior must be the important thing to catch the buyer’s heart. In that situation, 2016 Toyota Supra offers the best features. With the concept of modern sport car, it has the stylish headlights look and also an aggressive demeanor. For its stylistic headlight and taillight, 2016 Toyota Supra uses the latest LED technology that has front bumper which is inspired by Formula 1 car. Because this car is designed as the sport car, so it will be aligned aerodynamically in order mitigating on effects of air resistance. In the other hand, Toyota Supra also comes with its best interior design. For its seats and seat belts have leather upholstery that makes it more charismatic. By offering to make passenger has the better leg, it comes with the adequate cabin and has headroom which is better than the previous version. Like the other modern car, Toyota Supra will be completed by convenience and safety features for its passengers such as the features of the spy picture. There will be including JBL speakers, climate control features, internet connectivity and satellite navigation systems.

Engine Performance

Different from its previous version, 2016 Toyota Supra will be better than the original car that has 3L twin turbo inline 6. This sport car will come with a better fuel efficient, powerful and chic performance than before. The engine of the previous version will be changed to be the new of a dual clutch and semi auto gearbox which locate at the rear of the vehicle. It has function of balancing dynamics. Because of its development, Toyota Supra has the advanced performance specification and also better fuel economy ratings. It will be the best sport car because it comes with the engine that will be able generating up to 350 horsepower and 275 pounds of torque. Moreover, the newest version of Toyota Supra will be no problem to deliver 450 horsepower and 383 pounds of torque with a 5L V8 engine. Like know about what the buyers want, it will come with hybrid that can be amazingly saving an economy. As the charismatic sports car, 2016 Toyota Supra has the ability to make a maximum of 186 mph while the acceleration from 0-60 mph that will take a mere 4.5 seconds.

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