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5 The Best Luxury Sedan 2015 in USA

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5 The Best Luxury Sedan 2015 in USA

It’s not that hard to look for the best luxury sedan 2015 in US marketplace because there are plenty of that. This year is amazing because almost all the car makers releasing luxury vehicle for auto fans. They offer luxury SUVs that come with revised bodywork and some of them prefer to release a luxury sedan that can increase the prestige of driving. So, what’s your choice? Either you want to buy SUV that has luxury and muscular design or you want to buy charming sedan that offers luxurious travel sensation.

On this page, I will give you recommendation about the new luxury sedan in US marketplace. One of the best luxury sedans 2015 could be your selection in conquering the streets in perfection.

2015 Hyundai Equus

2015 hyundai equus specs

This one is one of the best sedans in South Korea that now comes to US marketplace. I’m sure that this sedan would be the perfect selection for those of you who want to drive with luxury sedan that has massive engine. Who thought that this luxury sedan comes out with V-8 engine that capable of producing 430 horsepower with up to 380 lb –ft of torque. The engine is supported with Rear Wheel Drive system and it comes along with 8-speed automated transmission as well. The price of Hyundai Equus 2015 is pretty expensive because it is approximate $ 60,000 on the marketplace.

2015 Jaguar XJL

2015 jaguar xj black

During this time, we know Jaguar as one of the car makers that always creates sporty-look sedan with powerful engine under the hood. But the fact that Jaguar creates XJL series strengthens its identity as high-class automaker in USA. The XJL series is blend of sporty look sedan that is covered with luxurious design. As you can see, it has longer hood just like the regular muscular car. But the bonnet has classic design just like the other luxury sedan. Auto fans admit that this one is long-wheelbase sedan that offers good performance; it has 5.0-liters V-8 type engine that squeeze out 471 horsepower. Thanks to the Supercharge engine that will bring you to the top level of the speed easily. Based on the test, 2015 Jaguar XJL can reach up to 155 mph and it takes 4 seconds to reach out 63 mph.

2015 Mercedes Benz C Class

2015 mercedes benz c class features

It comes for those of you who want to experience driving in a car that made of premium materials. The chassis now is lighter and stronger due to the aluminum combined. Plus, even though the exterior body of Mercedes Benz C Class uses the previous design, but wait until you jump on the inside so you can claim it’s the best luxury sedan 2015. You can choose the AMG trim level that offers the high-class of premium option. The engine is 6.0-liter Twin Turbocharged with V12 that can generate power up to 530 horsepower. The price of this sedan can be identified so we can’t expose it here.

2015 Lexus LS 460

2015 lexus ls 460 review

When it comes to the full sized sedan, I think that the new Lexus LS 460 could be on the top of the list. It has dramatic bodywork; it looks classic and modern at the same time. You can choose the one that offers charming appearance or the F Sport model that looks sportier. Lexus plants V-8 engine with 4.6-liter capacity that produces up to 390 horsepower. Lexus comes and breaks the line as the best luxury sedan 2015 because not they offer hybrid engine on the LS 460. This is going to be the best selection for those of you who want to drive in style.

2015 Bentley Continental Flying Spur

2015 Bentley Continental Flying Spur

Bentley never stops to produce the best in class luxury sedan by offering Continental Flying Spur model. This one will come in high-powered engine system; it is Twin Turbocharged 6.0-liter 12-cyl that will squeeze power more than 600 horsepower. I think from all of the luxury sedans in marketplace, Bentley Continental Flying Spur is the best in class luxury sedan 2015. The design is so amazing; submarine-like cabin with premium upholstery, nice leather-trimmed and stitching, plus the exclusive passengers cabin– and the performance of this car can’t be denied. You can reach up to 60 mph in 4 seconds and the top speed of this sedan is approximately 177 mph.

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