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All Wheel Drive Cars 2015 Sedan in USA

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All Wheel Drive Cars 2015 Sedan in USA

Some people choose all wheel drive cars 2015 as their partner in conquering the city streets because it has more powerful energy. Well, it is true that the 4×4 wheel drive would generate more power because it spurs the engine to streak fast. No matter what kind of vehicle you drive, as long as it uses AWD system as the drive-train then you can reach the top speed easily. Now, let’s discuss the new sedan 2015 that also comes out with all wheel drive system. I think all of these sedans would give you different sensation in driving. It’s not the city streets because the AWD system will help you to conquer hilly roads as well.

Our team has managed to make a list of all wheel drive cars 2015 in sedan segment that is also recommended for you. We also ensure you that all of these sedans have classy style, luxurious design, and also they come with high-powered engine system in order to help you to drive fast. And here is the list of the best luxury sedan with all wheel drive system 2015 in USA.

2015 Ford Taurus

2015 ford taurus se

On the first list, we have Ford Taurus that comes out with three different trim levels. It’s amazing because Ford lets you choose the one you like with all of these trims; SEL model that is worth for about $ 30,000 and it is including the shipping fee. It also comes with Limited series that is worth for $ 35,000 and the top rated trim level; 2015 Ford Taurus SHO that is worth for $ 41,000. All of those trim levels have all wheel drive system that will support the EcoBoost engine type. Ford uses their engine as the main source of energy in this car.

2015 BMW 3 Series

On the all wheel drive cars 2015, BMW gives you 3 Series variant. All of the sedans that use 4×4 WD have nick-name; it is called xDrive. So make sure that if you choose the 2015 BMW 3 Series then it is the xDrive series. It’s a little bit hard to remember the trim levels of BMW because it uses number code. The cheapest BMW 3 Series that uses AWD system is 320i which is worth for $ 35,000 and it’s not including with shipping fee. The price of the standard model is starting at $ 45,000 on the marketplace.

2015 Audi A4

One the last list of all wheel drive cars 2015, we have Audi A4 which is classified as the mid-sized luxury sedan in USA. I think it is amazing to drive with a sedan that made by Audi and the engine generates up to 230 horsepower. In sedan’s segment, it is huge power because you can reach 60 mph less than 6 seconds. The engine is equipped with two transmission systems provided; 6-speed transmission or the 8-speed automated transmission. Meanwhile, the price is pretty friendly to your budget because 2015 Audi A4 is worth for $ 41,000 as MSRP. And that’s all our all wheel drive cars 2015 in US sedan segment.

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