Be Prepared for The New Cars Coming Out

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Be Prepared for The New Cars Coming Out

The new cars coming out lists will likely help you to be more ready to prepare and eventually decide which new car you should bring home. RM Auto Buzz, from its page, has the list of new upcoming cars from several categories start from electric cars to sport cars.

Tesla Model S

Released as the third electric car, Tesla S will appear with an X Crossover SUV model on late 2016. Plenty of serious buyers has already booked this car in the preorder. The affordable car price that starts from only $30,000 will make this Tesla S becomes the most reasonably price car from the company. It can also travel for 200 miles with an easily replaced battery packs and a fully independent driving mode that can be set to drive for particular situations.

Chevrolet Bolt

Chevrolet Bolt, beat the other electric cars, such as Nissan LEAF and Ford Focus Electric, will be able to run up to 200 miles away without worrying about the battery power (it needs only 9 hours to be fully recharged) and will also save your money for around $30,000. This electric car will provide 4G-LTE WiFi connection and 10.2-inch diagonal center display screen and 8-inch diagonal driver batch. The released date of Chevrolet Bolt electric car is expected to be in early next year (2017).

Acura NSX

new cars coming out

Brand new Acura NSX appears to us as the 2016 model with V6 turbocharged electric engine. Moreover, each front wheel of Acura NSX will be completed with the power of electric hybrid AWD machine. This car is believed to be a comfy-supercar for daily use. The price of Acura NSX will start from around $150,000. These new cars coming out is likely to be a suitable companion for your everyday travel.


new cars coming out
Expected to hit the market in the middle of 2016, probably on April, BMW M2 will appear with a convertible 2-doors coupe with a twin-turbocharged feature inline-six that may produce up to 400-horsepower. This supercar is aimed to be the kind of a straight-line track with its aerodynamic style, engineered to have 62.2 inches front track and 63.0 rear track. The larger bumper makes the car 3.2 inches wider. Its height is 0.03 inches lower than 55.8 inches. Those combinations make M2 looks perfectly buff and powerful. Starting price of M2 is at $52,695

Lincoln Continental

new cars coming out

Lincoln Continental might be considered as the super luxurious. This Continental able to travel 5 passengers, and will be equipped with twin-turbocharged 3.0L GTDI V6 engine which abe to produce 400-horsepower. The highlights are, of course, lies on its exclusive exterior and interior design.  It has 4 E-latch door handles, 30-ways available seat positions adjustment (including massage functions), a hands-free, perfectly handled steering wheel, also the ultimate audio speaker. A high-tech assist for the driver will also be available abroad this Lincoln Continental, such as the lane keep assist, 360 rear view camera, adaptive cruise control, pedestrian detector, and also an automatic parking assist. This car will be cost under 50.000 USD or will be around $39.000 – $40.000 and will be available in Fall 2016.

From one of those new cars coming out list, hopefully, there is one candidate that meets your expectation to be your best buddy to hit the street.

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