Best 2010 Cars under 10000 that are worth to Buy

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Choosing a car is not an easy thing since it will make you to consider some things that will ensure your comfort and safety in driving. But, when it comes to choose the used car from 2010s era, you can find that there are some good cars you should consider to buy. There are some best 2010 cars under 10000 that are still good and worth to buy. Here we will provide you some choices of the cars that will give you comfort and safety without draining your bank account.

The Best Cars under 10,000

Chevrolet Malibu and Its Specifications

This is mostly used as the rental car, but the fact is that the car will give you the best of all. With the price at the average of $8,125 you will find it as the comfortable and solid car. This is also a comfortable car that is suitable for teens because it is designed with comfortable steering wheel and pedals. There is also enough elbow room. For the seats, this car is quite good with the comfortable material. As the steering is quite comfortable and light, it is still accurate and responsive in handling. As a four cylinder car, it is also completed with the quiet engine that is great for driving.

Ford Focus and Specification

Designed in more stylish design, this car is fun to have, and yet fun to drive. The upright position of the seats will give you comfort in driving and give you great view of the road. The car is also completed with Sync infotainment system that will enable you to connect your phone and make hands-free phone. The cabin is large and it gives more spaces on the back side. The transmission is manual, and it is great for kids and teens to learn driving. Rated at $6,050, this will be an affordable choice of best 2010 cars under 10000.

Ford Fusion and the Specifications

Stylish, modern and well designed, the Ford Fusion can be one of the best 2010 cars under 10000 that you will love to have. This car is bigger than the Ford Focus, but it gives you more sophisticated design in interior. It also offers you the better handling in steering wheel. The car is also completed with Sync Bluetooth feature and voice command. As it has roomy interior, you will find it quite good at the rate of $8.075.

Hyundai Sonata and Its Specifications

As one of the most stylish, flowing looking car exterior, and the car is indeed should be in the list of best 2010 cars under 10000. The car is comfortable and quiet with luxurious design. This car will not make any noise when accelerating. Backseat is really spacious for the passengers and is rated at $ 5.225.

Kia Soul the Unique Car

When your kids want something more fun of best 2010 cars under 10000, this is a go for you. You will get the cat to be designed in unique style in boxy model. The features are also great for entertainment on the road. But, unfortunately this car is not too good in engine aspect. With the price of $8,650 this car will be yours.