The Charismatic Look of 2017 Ford Atlas

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2017 Ford Atlas – Ford might be familiar for people who like to ride pick-up car. Following the previous version, Ford will launch the newest version of 2017 Ford Atlas. Like the others version before, Ford Atlas has the greatest charismatic appearance that will make you be more satisfied while look into it. There will be some new features that will be offered. Moreover, there will be the redesign interior design of Ford Atlas that is wrapped beautifully with the charismatic exterior design. To know deeper about 2017 Ford Atlas, you may read more below.

Exterior and Interior

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From the first sight, while looking on it, you may fall in love with the exterior design of 2017 Ford Atlas that has a charismatic design of metallic gray. Moreover, it also equipped with dual-deck front lights that have a powerful front part and has rectangular grille which is amazingly resistant against the strong wind. Besides that, there will be the new upgrade or Ford Atlas which has the glass roof with the outfitted 110-volt electric outlet trailer. For additional, there will be ropes for accommodation. The wonderful one, this newest Ford will be released as a five-door vehicle that has front door will be covered in big chrome wrap. With the concept derived from aluminum heating and ventilation air conditioning system, it will be expected to be more fabulous than the previous version. What you wait is about interior design, it has come with a fairly invigorating interior in gray and black shades. For the driver seats, it will be the comfortable seat which is covered in flexible natural leather. For the cabin, it will be equipped with a big touch screen display in front of its back seat. For best features, it also comes with safety features provided the vehicle with ample standard features. There will also be blind-spot monitors, adaptive cruise control, and a lane-keeping system. For its development following the technology, it will be expected comes with air-conditioning which varied weblink options and the innovative noise acoustic system.

Engine and Performance

For the best performance, 2017 Ford Atlas will be completed with a V8 and 5.0-liter engine for operating with the maximum power of 380 horsepower and 380 lbs-ft of torque. The engine of Ford Atlas will be coupled with a six-rated automatic transmission. With these engine features specification can make this newest version of Ford has better acceleration than the previous version. It has the power to get speed of 60 mph from the start in 8.1 seconds. However, there will be one problem on decreasing of weight that can be influencing the fuel saving.

Date Release and Price

With the big enthusiastic, 2017 Ford Atlas which had ever unveiled at the 2013 Auto Show is expected to be released officially around the second half of 2016. With these amazing features that are offered by, Ford Atlas has the range price around $21.000.Yet, it would be the higher price that is assumed around to $51.000 according to the optional features that will be offered.

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