Chevy Colorado towing capacity

Check Out Chevy Colorado Towing Capacity

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Do you love to travel while bringing your bikes and small camper? Then, you might need a car that will be able to carry or haul those heavy loads. One of the possible answers is using pickups. Among mid-size trucks, Chevy Colorado might be the best-in-class. Chevy’s towing and trailering capacity has been guaranteed of being able to haul heavy loads up to 7,700 pounds. Check out the details about Chevy Colorado towing capacity below.

Chevy Colorado Towing Capacity Class

There three types of Chevy Colorado Engine class which bring their own towing and trailering capacity, including:

  1. Basic Model

Chevy Colorado towing capacity

Chevy Colorado towing capacity in the core model is up to 3,500 pounds that enough to haul about a weight of dirt bikes. The pickup itself is powered by 4-cylinder of 2.5-liter engine capacity in-line. The engine can generate 200 horsepower and 191-pound feet of torque. Meanwhile, the available cab configurations are extended and crew cabs.

  1. Advanced Model

Chevy Colorado towing capacity

For the advanced model, Chevy Colorado has an engine power of V6 with 3.6-liter in-line. The power can generate up to 308 horsepower per 275-pound-feet of torque. For the body, this model has extended, little crew, and long crew cab. Moreover, this pickup has tow capacity to haul two dirt bikes or loads with equal weight up to 7,000 pounds.

  1. Limited Model

Chevy Colorado towing capacity

Powered by Duramax of Turbo Diesel engine with 2.8 liters in-line, the limited engine model of Colorado can generate 181 horsepower and 369-pound feet of torque. Although it only has the short and long crew cab, it has greatest towing capacity among Colorado model which up to 7,700 pounds.

Particularly, Chevy Colorado towing capacity for ZR2 model has a maximum weight up to 5,000 pounds.

Chevy Colorado towing capacity

Trailering Basics

After learning about Chevy Colorado towing capacity configuration class, you should also learn about its trailering basics. First, you need to understand how your truck can meet your need. There are several trailering terms you can learn so you can know your pick-up better.

  • Gross combined weight rating (GCWR) is representing the maximum loading weight of vehicle and trailer when both are combined.
  • Curb weight or vehicle weight is the weight of the vehicle when empty without driver or payload including the standard equipment, fuel, oil, and coolant.
  • Gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) is the actual weight of the entire vehicle and its contents, including the occupants and fuel.
  • Axle ratio is the relationship between the revolutions of the drive shaft and the rear axle per minute. The hauled of loads’ frequency, and the usual weight will determine how powerful and efficient of the ratio for each.
  • Gross trailer weight is the weight of a loaded trailer.
  • Trailer tongue weight is the weight amount put on the tongue trailer to keep on balance mode so you can get better and safer driving experience.

By learning the trailering guide, you can determine the truck ability to bring the total weight of trailer and cargo compared to the vehicle weight with passengers and equipment. So, you can have a safer driving experience while bringing such heavy loads. Which is Chevy Colorado towing capacity that meets your needs?

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