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For those who are using mid or, full-size pickup truck must be aware of the benefits of a rear locking differential. One of the favorite product is G80 locker differential that automatically known to be the part of the rear axle in the Colorado and Silverado models. If you want to learn more about this locker, check out the details below.

What is G80?

G80 is not its official name from the company, General Motor. Eaton G80 is used due to its order code as locking rear diff. G80 is infamous for offering high-spec superchargers. G80 works by automatically lets a rear-wheel of drive truck to go places which usually reserved for pickup benefitted from four wheel drive. Mainly, G80 locker offers enhanced traction and control which without this capacity the vehicle can’t do the job.

G80 Locker

How G80 Works?

During normal condition while driving, G80 functions as the light and limited slip differential. But, when a low-traction condition occurs which causes a greater speed difference of wheel, the flyweight mechanism engage bracket latching in forcing a cam plat against a gear at side. For example, when you drive off the road on a muddy field, one of the rear wheels will start to spin for traction. Then, Eaton G80 rear axle will locks automatically so that both rear wheels can propel the truck out of this muddy condition. Because the diff doesn’t engage any input from the driver, G80 lock when the rear wheel speed difference has reached 120 rpm. At that moment, the diff has able to deliver up to 100% of power in driveline to both the wheels to get the maximum attack. Certainly, 4×4 pickup trucks can also use G80 differential for adding versatility.

G80 Locker

Technically, Eaton G80 locker also performs like an open diff until one wheel triggers excessively slip the locking mechanism. Both of rear wheels rotate at the same time providing a better traction than the traditional one. G80 differential also detects wheel slip by engaging some flyweight type governor. When the slip is detected by this mechanism, the clutch system forces a camp plate ramp against a side gear to compress a disc pack. This action leads to the rotation of both rear axle shafts at the same speed.

Brief G80 Benefits

As mentioned previously about how G80 locker works, the small benefits can be included in this following list:

  • Providing maximum power of axle lock to both wheels anytime when you needed.
  • Automatic engagement that doesn’t require driver input or training.
  • Locking differential will respond immediately to wheel slip.
  • Promoting smoother and more consistent performance of the vehicle.
  • G80 feature automatically locking and unlocking, maintenance free, best-in-class traction, and compatible with vehicle stability and anti-lock brake system.

G80 locker differential is designed as a standard on the heavy-duty pickup trucks of Silverado 2500 and 3500, also 1500 LTZ and Z71 Chevrolet Silverado. Meanwhile, it becomes an optional extra on WT and LT models. Moreover, the full-size SUVs Tahoe and Suburban also use this locking system.  So, are you now interested in using G80 as part of your engine vehicle?

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