Dodge Power Wagon 2015

Dodge Power Wagon 2015 Problems

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There are a lot of problems you should overcome when you are buying used truck. So, it is important to make sure that you scan every part of the truck before you shake your hand and get the deal. Like, if you want to buy used Dodge Power Wagon 2015, then you should know about its common problems. It is important so you will not experience the same thing with other trucks’ owner. Now, we will reveal several problems for the 2015 Dodge Power Wagon that usually happens. That way, you know where to check before you buy the used Dodge Power Wagon.

Dodge Power Wagon 2015 Problems

There are several problems occur on the used Dodge Power Wagon. And almost all of them happen on the engine and electricity parts. Of course, some people experience different thing. But that’s not the huge one.

Stalls When Braking

This is a common Dodge Power Wagon 2015 problem that experienced by many owners. The truck sometimes stalls when braking, turn the wheels, or when it reversed. Of course, it is pretty clear that there is a major problem on the power and connectivity. If you want to buy the used Dodge Power Wagon, you should check its power and ask if the truck was stalling recently. Of course, the dealership could handle this, but you don’t want to spend more money to fix it, don’t you?

Gas Mileage

Actually, this one is not a major problem on Dodge Power Wagon 2015. But for some people, the fuel consumption is scary. For the diesel fans, of course, the gas mileage would be a drawback considering a pickup truck should be efficient and strong enough for towing and hauling. And also, for people that like an environmentally friendly pickup truck, this one would be a disaster. The average gas mileage rating for a truck is 16 and 17 mpg. Meanwhile, the old Dodge Power Wagon is about 14 mpg. And even some people find out that the truck only reaches 12 mpg, which is inadequate.

Dodge Power Wagon 2015

Bad Backup Camera

This one is also primary problem on the Dodge Power Wagon 2015. For those who can make a perfect reverse turn, there would be no problem to do it with any kind of vehicle. But to be honest, when it comes to convenience, the backup camera provides bad view from the cabin. It seems that Dodge had not used the best back up camera considering it was the first truck with the backup camera. Even a customer complaint about the rear camera so he needs to fight with his wife every trip.

Those are several problems on the Dodge Power Wagon. Overall, there are a lot of people that acknowledge the truck is amazing. Plus, the truck was released 2 years ago and we sure that there are only a few problems with it. Even if you buy it, you still get the warranty claims because it covers the truck for 5 years. Overall, it is still recommended to buy Dodge Power Wagon 2015.

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