Ford EcoBoost problems

Ford EcoBoost Problems: Limp Mode Engine and EPA-rating

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When it comes about automotive, we want to get the best vehicle for our daily commute. 2017 Ford F-150 is one of the best-selling trucks this year. It is surprising because the year is not end yet, but Ford F-150 stands as the most favorite truck of the year. But it seems that the title is not long lasting because there are a lot of automotive enthusiasts that complaint about the engine that used on the truck. We all know that the Ford EcoBoost problems have spread around the world since the engine suddenly when the humidity stuck into the engine.

Of course, this is seems to be the Ford’s obstacle if they don’t fix the engine problem quickly. The limp mode is not just the only issue on the EcoBoost engine. There are a lot of Ford EcoBoost problems that could happen on the engine. We all know that Ford has introduced its specialized engine, named EcoBoost. It has claimed to be more powerful and fuel-saving in compare with the regular turbo-charged engine. But, this one is going to the South because there are a lot of automotive enthusiasts around the world that feel these issues. The ability to save the fuel is also another problem on the EcoBoost system.

Ford EcoBoost problems

Many auto fans are disappointed about the gas mileage rating for this car. The EPA-rated mileage that is written on the label is approximately 25 mph on the city and more than 25 mpg on the highway. Apparently, what is written on the label is different with the real-test result. Based on the result, the engine only reaches 19 mpg on the city. It means that there is something wrong on what they called “fuel-saving EcoBoost”. Its ability to reduce the consumption of the fuel is one of the most Ford EcoBoost problems that occur on all series. It is not only happening on the Ford F-150 Truck series. Many testers feel that almost all the Ford’s flagship that use EcoBoost engine will feel the same thing. So, as a automotive enthusiast, you should be aware of this problem. Let say that you are one of the owners of Ford’s flagship, then you should try it by yourself. You can start to count the gas mileage rating on the ‘actual’ road. You can start to calculate the fuel consumption and check it with the EPA mileage rating on the label. That way, you will find out whether your EcoBoost car has a crucial problem or not.

Ford EcoBoost problems

Today, there are no other options you can do to overcome the EcoBoost problem. You can contact the dealer and ask about the issues that you fight about. And if there is no something wrong, then you should be glad because what they say “Ford EcoBoost problems” is not hitting you. You should maintain your car regularly in order to make everything is okay. We hope that everything is fine in your vehicle so you don’t need to overcome with this any situation.

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