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Ford Trailer Backup Assist Farm Truck

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Ford Trailer Backup Assist is apparently needed in farm. The rumor says this trailer assist is something farmers would love to operate. Is it true though? We’ll find out. in farm, farmers operate a truck and trailer through rear-view mirror. Although this is happening in everyday life in farm, the feature introduced by Ford is helpful for farmers who love to make the process of truck and trailer navigation easier. The feature is introduced under the name Pro Trailer Back Up Assist which is affixed on 2016 F150.

Ford Trailer Backup Assist General Overview

Several tests have been done to see the capability of Ford Trailer Backup Assist. One of the tests is done and the result is amazing. There is always minus and plus when it comes to product review. The plus of this vehicle is that it does help farmers to do a more efficient job with towing and hauling trailer. The reviewers mentioned about the spec that the feature offers. First, there is a rear-view camera and large side mirrors. Then, the F150 is equipped with 7,000 pound GVWR package and engine which can be filled up to 5.0 liter. To set up the trailer needs a little bit of work. Here is how to set up the trailer.

Ford Trailer Backup Assist

Setting up the trailer

  • The first thing that you need to know is that the trailer needs to be fitted with a special decal. The decal should be able to be located by the rear-mounted camera that is installed on the truck’s computer.
  • The second thing is when the decal has been properly placed you need to measure the distance between the decal to the camera and the rear of the truck. After that, enter those numbers to truck’s computer database via the dashboard controls.

This Ford Trailer Backup Assist set-up process should take you about 10 minutes. After the steps are done, the data stored in the truck’s computer database will be stored on several trailers. Later on, switching between trailers on the farm just requires selecting the one in use from the dash display.

The problems with Ford Trailer Backup Assist

Ford Trailer Backup Assist

Even though everything looks working smoothly, there are still some problems happen to Ford Trailer Backup Assist. One of the problems that happen is the build-up of dust on the decal. This may seem like a small problem because dust can easily be wiped off. But the build-up dust on the decal preventing the interference with the truck computer’s ability to recognize and locate it on the trailer hitch.

Then, another problem that also comes up on the ball connection. The mounted jack which is permanently installed near the ball connection obscured the decal every time the truck’s making a sharp turn while backing up. This problem on the Ford Trailer Backup Assist makes it harder for the PTBA to continue with the maneuver. To solve this type of problem, mount the decal within a safe distance from the trailer’s hitch ball. This will solve the problem, so the maneuvering process would not be disturbed. That is all about the new feature released for Ford F150.

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