List of Cars in 2016 Worth for The Money

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Cars in 2016 – There are many new model cars celebrate the coming of the year 2016. Various auto makers have introduced their new flagships to be released in 2016. The segment targeted vary from sport car, semi-sport car, wagon, truck to the family-friendly SUV. If you are planning to buy one of the newest cars in 2016, this list is worth reading for.

  • Sport or Performance Car: Chevrolet Corvette

In sport or performance car category, we have Chevrolet Corvette coming as one of notable sport cars in 2016 worth to buy. This is one of sport car that does not brag about speed only but also offer solution for more economical fuel engine. Chevrolet Corvette is powered by 6.2-liter V-8 engine with exterior screaming speed and acceleration. Coming with movable rooftop and smooth rounded edges and gadget filled interior, this car is priced only at $55,400 to $83,400, a definition of speed and fuel optimized sport car.

  • Midsize or Sedan Car : Kia Optima

Kia is back with the newly introduced Kia Optima. Coming in midsize category of the new cars in 2016, Kia Optima beats its competitor in sedan category with sharp and bold style, premium features and engine that will not make the buyer regret buying it. The New Kia Optima’s engines are 2.4-liter four-cylinder, and optional 1.6-liter turbocharged engine. Kia Optima gives off expensive look and sophisticated design though it is priced only around $21,840 to $35,790. It is definitely a car worth to buy for lower budget.

  • Pickup Truck : Ford F – 150

Ford F – 150 is a pickup truck in the new released cars in 2016 that does not scream impracticality as it designed with relatively slim and well-fitted pickup truck. The car who previously incited controversy with the application of aluminium, its come back has awarded winning sell and hit top charts. The 2.7-liter turbocharged V-6 is the first of pickup truck using V6 instead of V8 for better gas mileage. Ford F – 150 comes with steel and stocky build with fierce bumper, very suitable for masculine yet sleek pickup truck. The Ford F – 150 is priced around $38,950 to $73,250.

  • Minivan: Honda Odyssey

This car is made for family trip with the appraised movable and arrangeable second-row seats in versatility and family-friendly vacuum cleaner in it. Honda Odyssey is the combination of comfortable riding and agile handling powered with V6-standard engine.  Honda Odyssey is considered as the best among minivan cars in 2016 combining good engine and comfort for safe and reliable family riding. The pricing of the car is of mid category from $29,275 to $44,750. If you need car particularly for family trip, this minivan is highly recommended.

Those are cars in 2016 worth to buy. Those cars are considered the best in their class with considerably affordable price and features that will not make buyer regret on buying it. Adjust what is the most needed car you want and make a compromise about the price and the features offered.

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