List of Top 5 Luxurious SUV with Third Row Seating in USA

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List of Top 5 Luxurious SUV with Third Row Seating in USA

We have a list of luxury SUV with third row seating that would be a great selection for you. We know that it’s a little bit hard to find the car with third row seat so you can bring more passengers in the car. But also, not all the third row SUV has spacious room on the inside so you can’t always get what you wanted. At this care, you need to find the best SUV that has third row that offers roomy interior and luxury design. And you can take a look at the list below to find out the luxury SUV that comes with the third row seating.

Chevrolet Tahoe

This is one of the best SUV that has similar energy for towing like pickup truck. It’s not surprising that even though the size of this SUV is large, but with high-powered engine under the hood, you still get more energy to bring more passengers on the inside. And also, with third row seating, all the passengers get comfortable place on the inside.

Dodge Durango

Dodge releases the Durango for the automotive enthusiasts that are looking for a full-size SUV as their family car. This is also kind of luxury SUV with third row seating that will make sure your family will get nice experience when you drive Dodge Durango during the holiday. Under the hood, there will be HEMI V-8 with 5.7-liter capacity that will give you more energy to drive.

Ford Explorer

new ford explorer

Another variant of luxury SUV with third row seating is Ford Explorer. I’m sure that you will like the design of this SUV that has bold face with muscular body. With high-powered engine under the bonnet, you will get enough power to drive fast even though you drive with full passengers. Also, it can accommodate up to 8 passengers which are cool.

Hyundai Santa Fe

The Korean automaker releases Santa Fe as the full-size SUV that will accommodate all of your needs. It comes out with amazing engine that also offers low fuel consumption. You will get engine that generates up to 290 horsepower and the average gas mileage in the highway is 25 mpg. Plus, the price of the new Hyundai Santa Fe is not too expensive. This full-size SUV is worth for $ 31,000 as MSRP and you can find it in the nearest authorized dealership in your town.

Chevrolet Traverse

Chevrolet gives you plenty options of SUV with third row seating in the US marketplace. You can choose the Chevrolet Tahoe or the brand new Chevrolet Traverse that comes in smaller size. But never underestimate the ability of this SUV because it can bring many passengers and it will bring you to the top speed easily at the same time. Chevrolet Traverse is coming out with more driving assist features.

Now, you have a list of top 5 luxurious SUV with third row seating in US marketplace. Now you can choose one of those options as your new car.

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