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Meet the Great 2017 Ferrari California T: Specs and Features

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Ferrari, with all the hypes and innovations it brings, will always attract the automotive lovers’ attention. Now, the all-new 2017 Ferrari California T is released and is issued to be distributed to its enthusiasts. The California series has come up several years ago and also got some improvements for both its appearance and its engine. In 2017 the California T will be released with some new improvements. With the new pricing embedded to the new California, will it be worthy?

Specifications of 2017 Ferrari California T

The new 2017 Ferrari California T is powered with 3.9 liter engine, which is upgraded to be twin-turbocharged one. Indeed, the addition of T behind its name is referred to the Turbocharged, which will make the engine performance to be more powerful. The engine is supposed to produce up to 553 horsepower. The powerful engine is matched with the 7 speed transmission, and it lets the car to increase the output of the torque, which can be totaled at 557 pound-feet. With the powerful engine, the Ferrari T series is expected to hit 60 mph in 3.5 seconds, a bit faster than the previous California at 3.8 seconds.

Interior and Exterior

From its physical appearance, the 2017 Ferrari California T is designed with more modern look and enhanced comfort. Starting from the exterior, the headlights are designed in new look. Besides, the grille and fascia are also designed in more subtle look. With its reskinned door, it has the extended trail for the vents. Besides, the car is also designed in stylish look with its heat extractors, making this car more suitable for the sunny days out. From its interior, the leather seats looked so comfortable with the whole combination of leather, plastic and metal. The two extra seats in the back will be great for more passengers, although it will limit the movements of adults, it will be great for children.

What’s New?

The new features are also included in this sporty car. As you might noticed in the new look of 2017 Ferrari California T, you will find the beautiful lines and attractive features embedded to this beautiful baby. The cockpit is completed with the touchscreen, Bluetooth, USB port and some basic entertainment features you can still modify. The hardtop, which can be folded in sunny days, can open quickly and it only takes approximately 15 seconds to perfectly open the roof. For you who love to be on the stirring wheel, you will love how Ferrari has fixed the handling to be more responsive and comfortable for the driving.

Pros and Cons

For the pros of this car, you could see that it has comfortable handling and very beautiful interior. Besides, you will also find that the new turbo engine which is embedded to the car is giving a plus point for this new series of California. But, with the approximately $200,000 price, you will find this car more as the tourer car than the sport car. From the exterior, it is also looked bulky with quite big look. But above all, the 2017 Ferrari California T is worth to have!

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