The New 2018 Opel Meriva

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For you who are automotive enthusiast or especially car enthusiast, you would be very excited to read this article because we are going to talk about the new 2018 Opel Meriva! Well, who doesn’t know Opel Meriva? Wow, that is a MPV which was produced and engineered by Opel, German manufacturer ever since May 2003 until recent times 2017. This car has been so very well known in so many countries in this world. In several western countries like United Kingdom (UK), it is well known as Vauxhall Meriva while in the South America, it is well known as Chevrolet Meriva as the first generation in the market there. For the second generation, which is really famous lately until 2017, Opel Meriva appears in usual design as most car which is the car with four doors and space behind.

However, this car is really luxurious and cool on how the engineer put the color and the specs which will be explained later on, here. Well, just like other brand do every year to expand and improve their business, they would make something new and produce new amazing car, and as well as Opel Meriva. There have been already the 2018 Meriva which will be launched as the next generation of Meriva. To know more about this new launching product of Opel Meriva, you need to keep reading below.

2018 Opel Meriva Overview

2018 Opel Meriva

The new 2018 Opel Meriva is the new SUV the Crossland X. This would be standing below the upcoming Grandland X and the Moka X previously. This is expected to be launched in the summer with the price around £15.000. The new Opel Meriva would be offered in both petrol and diesel engine options. It is 4.21 meters long with high technology touch screen 8 inches display in the center of the dash board. It has the trend for turbocharged small-capacity petrol engines with a new 118 horsepower.

Moreover, the new SUV engines are very smooth so it has less noise than others. So, it performs better especially for family because this basically a family size car. Talking about the overview of the appearance of this car later on in 2018, the new Opel Meriva comes along with all the improvements would face the competition with Kia Carrens, new Toyota Innova, and Mitsubishi Grandis as well in the competition of market and so on.

Design Overview

2018 Opel Meriva

For the exterior design, the new 2018 Opel Meriva would be based on a new platform known as SCCS platform.  The grille of the new SUV would be flanked by new headlights with LED technology. The front bumper would be modified on how this would be integrated with LED fog lights. Besides, the back door also would be set more conventional than before. The taillights of the rear would be revised as well on how it would be featured by LED as well. For the interior inside of the new 2018 Opel Meriva, it would definitely accommodate five passengers comfortably. The seats are upholstered by qualified cloth and the expansion of the head and legroom as well.

That’s the only thing we know about the new Opel Meriva. We will update the article once it is officially released at the end of this year.

Gallery of The New 2018 Opel Meriva