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Off Road Vehicles for Sale in USA under $ 20,000

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Off Road Vehicles for Sale in USA under $ 20,000

Off Road vehicles for sale are available in the US marketplace and it spreads all around the states. You can find any kind of used Off Road vehicles in the nearest dealership around your town because it is very popular in the US. But, you have to be selective in choosing the kind of Off Road vehicles that you want to buy because you need to make sure that the used vehicles still give you the incredible performance to conquer all of the obstacles. We have gathered plenty information about the Off-Road vehicles that are recommended to you and we hope it will give you good reason to buy one of these vehicles.

Jeep Wrangler

I think it is still pretty new because the lifespan of the engine in Jeep Wrangler is so long. The engine under the hood still gives you enough performance to conquer hard and rough terrain such as muddy roads, wet or dry roads as well. You can choose the Jeep Wrangler TJ that was released in 2006 or you can choose its brother that is called Wrangler JK that released in 2008. There will be 4-liter engine inline 6 that still gives you adventurous sensation when you drive with this vehicle. Talk about the price, we assume that it is worth for about $ 16,000 which is very affordable.

Land Rover LR3

I know that you think that the face of this car is not muscular or extreme, just like the regular Off Roads vehicles on the marketplace. But, if you find Off Road vehicles for sale and they offer you Land Rover LR 3 then give a chance to take a look the specification and condition of the car. If it still has good appearance and good engine performance, then it is worth to buy. The best part about Land Rover LR3 is the ability and driving-mode offered; Sand, Mud, Grass, and Rock Crawl. You just need to set the driving mode and get the best traction to conquer the roads. The price of the used Land Rover LR3 is approximate $ 17,000 in the US market.

Nissan Xterra

The Japanese car maker offers Xterra in order to satisfy the auto fans that want to enjoy the adventurous driving sensation. Even the first generation of this car has pleased the auto fans due to its performance. The bodywork of this car is larger so you can bring more passengers to enjoy the trip with you. Thanks to the 4.0-liters V-6 engine that will bring you to the top speed easily in long straight road. And you can climb the mountain with the Nissan Xterra that is powered with 4×4 wheel drive.

Toyota FJ Cruiser

toyota fj cruiser for sale

We also have another recommendation of Off Road vehicles for sale, which is Toyota FJ Cruiser. The appearance of this car will tell you about the performance. It is bold, strong and powerful as well. The first generation of this car is produced in 2007, and today, the used Toyota FJ Cruiser still gives you good performance and handling to be the partner in your adventure. With AWD system, all the tires will grip tightly in each terrain you passed. That’s why I suggest you to buy one of the Off Road vehicles for sale in the US marketplace.

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