The 5 Best Hybrid Cars 2015 in USA

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The 5 Best Hybrid Cars 2015 in USA

The best hybrid cars 2015 with good gas mileage would be the best selection for those of you who want to drive efficiently. During this time, the hybrid technology has reached the different level because now there are more cars with hybrid powerplant in compared with the early 2000s. Tesla might be the first automaker that introduces the hybrid engine car to public. And now, there are plenty automakers that release their flagship species in the hybrid segment. You can choose the hybrid SUVs, sedan and even the one with luxury design that will give you classy style in driving. Let’s take a look at the list of hybrid cars in 2015 that is recommended for the auto fans in the US.

2015 Ford Energi Hybrid

On the affordable car segment, you can choose the Ford Energi as your partner in driving. The price of this car is not too expensive because it is sold under $ 25,000 on the marketplace. Basically, this variant is a plug-in hybrid version so you will be equipped with additional petrol fuel engine. The plug-in hybrid engine will allow you to drive up to 20 miles and it is perfect for evening walk on the city streets. It also comes with high-end technology that will convert the break into additional energy to light up the electricity.

2015 Toyota Camry Hybrid

On the sedan segment, we have Toyota Camry that now comes with the hybrid engine. The Japanese car maker ensures that the hybrid system on new Camry will give you nice sensation and unusual driving. The gas mileage rating for this variant is between 40 mpg and 43 mpg. Some people said that it doesn’t suit with the other competitors but Toyota confidence that their fans can take it. But when it is about the design, the new Camry Hybrid has everything you need to drive in style.

2015 Toyota Highlander Hybrid

Another Toyota’s flagship species in SUVs marketplace is Highlander that now is available in hybrid version. Toyota claims that it is better than the other SUVs withV-6 engine because the electric motor in Toyota Highlander can produce lower emission. Plus, the safety fuel system will reduce the fuel consumption and increase your gas mileage so you can reach the farthest miles possible. Now, you can buy the three-row vehicle that can accommodate the entire family.

2015 Porsche Panamera Hybrid

If you are craving for the best hybrid cars 2015 that has a luxury design, then the Porsche Panamera Hybrid would be the answer of your question. This one is a perfect car because it comes with elegant and irresistible luxury design, it has good gas mileage level, and also, this is the dream of everyone. The additional engine to replace the hybrid engine is 3.0-liter Supercharge V-6 engine that will bring you to the top level of the speed easily. Even though the price of this variant is too expensive, but Porsche Panamera Hybrid is worth to buy.

2015 BMW i8

Another luxury car that now comes in hybrid powerplant is the brand new BMW i8. This one has sporty look with two different hues on the exterior. It is pretty clear that BMW distinguishes the design of this hybrid car because it looks modern and aerodynamic than the other BMW’s product that shows the elegance and beauty. 2015 BMW i8 is two doors hybrid car that will give you pride in driving and saves your money out of pocket when it comes about the efficiency of the energy. With the hybrid engine on the front bonnet and-and Turbocharged engine on the rear end, this variant is the most recommended best hybrid cars 2015.

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