The All New 2016 Cars and Trucks in USA

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The All New 2016 Cars and Trucks in USA

There are a lot of 2016 cars and trucks that available on the marketplace. But can you name the best one? It’s hard for us to decide which kind of new cars and trucks that would be suitable for us. So, we need to examine several types of cars and trucks in the marketplace before we drop our choice in a brand. We need to look for the information and detail about the engine, performance, gas mileage if it is something you think important, and also the price. Those are several aspects you should examine before you purchase a new car or truck.

New Cars for 2016 in America

For a new car, there are several options of brand that you can choose. Audi, Chevrolet, Ford, and Mazda are several automakers that have been proven to provide good vehicles in America. They have several 2016 cars and trucks that will be released and accommodate what auto fans need. Audi has the brand new A5 that has redesigned. It comes with better bodywork; both on the interior and exterior. Audi also plans Supercharge engine with V-6 and V-8 type. Mazda also offers the brand new CX-9 SUV that would be the great choice for you.

This is a good family car that offers huge interior space so you can bring the whole family in one trip comfortably. Also, don’t forget about the performance of this SUV because Mazda offers SkyActive engine which is considered to be more environmentally friendly yet so powerful. So far, there is no official data about the price and release date but we believe that the new Mazda CX-9 would stand with the other 2016 cars and trucks on the marketplace. There are a lot of new cars you can find out on this site so don’t be shy to explore all these articles.

New Trucks for 2016 in America

On the other hands, Mazda also offers the next generation of BT-50. We have few data about this truck but we have something to offer. The brand new RAM 1500 is the new truck that will come out for 2016. This truck is very tough and aggressive, it is suitable for those of you who have a lot of things to do with pickup truck. Thanks to V-8 engine that produces more horsepower for towing and hauling. The list of the new American 2016 cars and trucks don’t end up here.

Toyota offers 2 new pickup trucks for 2016; you can choose the brand new Toyota Tundra or the next generation of Toyota Hilux. Toyota Tundra comes out with redesign model meanwhile the new Hilux comes out with complete facilities. 2016 Mitsubishi L200 Triton is another option for the new pickup truck 2016. It comes out with affordable price but incredible performance that will help you to conquer the roads easily. Those are several pictures of the brand new 2016 cars and trucks that are worth to wait this year. We hope that you have clear vision about the new cars and trucks that you buy.

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