The Best Electric Cars 2015 in USA

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The Best Electric Cars 2015 in USA

There are many the best electric cars 2015 on the marketplace that could be your new car. During this time, the electric vehicle (EV) is preferred due to its wonderful ability. It is not about the speed and how fast you drive anymore. It is more than just that. People are looking for fuel efficient vehicle that can accommodate their needs in driving and can give comfortable journey for the owner. Plus, the price of the electric cars is affordable. And there are a lot of public stations for those of you who want to charge the motor battery so now you can go wherever you want to go.

So, is your favorite car included on best electric cars 2015? Let’s take a look at the review about top 5 electric cars in 2015 in USA.

  1. Smart Electric Drive

For those of you who are looking for fuel economy car that has low fuel consumption, then the Smart EV could be the best option. I know that this car will not win the beauty contest because the appearance looks ordinary. But, it has amazing performance if it is about fuel efficiency. If it is converted to dollars, you only need $ 0.95 to reach 25 miles! The price of this car is $ 25,000 on the marketplace.

  1. 2015 Ford Focus Electric

Ford releases the electric car this year in order to fulfill the automotive fans’ need. Ford Focus now comes in electric vehicle segment without sacrificing the beauty of the car. You can choose the hatchback or sedan models for this variant that is also included on one of the best electric cars 2015 in US.  When the battery is full, you can reach up to 75 miles which are sensational. I think it’s amazing when you drive with a good looking car that has electric motor under the hood.

  1. 2015 BMW i3

This variant is made for those of you who want to travel with style. We know that the big name of BMW can increase your prestige. And its technology will bring you to the top level experience in driving because the BMW i3 has electric engine. The EPA-estimated of this car would be around 82 miles. And the price is pretty expensive because it is way too far from the average price of electric vehicles. It is worth for $ 45,000 as MSRP.

  1. Nissan Leaf 2015

Another compact hatchback that is recommended for the auto fans around the world is Nissan Leaf. It is nimble, it is simple, and it is affordable. Who’s going to reject that? So far, if it is compared with the other variant, it has the farthest  gas mileage range. It can reach up to 114 miles. Now, with one full charge, you can go far away and travel across the county with the car that is worth for $ 29,000 on the marketplace.

  1. 2015 Tesla Model S 85D

Now, if we talk about the most expensive and the best electric cars 2015 in USA, then you can put 2015 Tesla Model S 85D in your list. It has captivating design and leaves the other competitor far behind it. Tesla creates a luxury vehicle with the best in class engine option. This variant is also the king on the street for the gas mileage level. You can reach up to 270 miles and keep the fuel consumption low! So, among the other electric vehicles, I could say that this one is the best, even though the price is not friendly to your pocket. It is worth for $ 85,000 as MSRP and now you have seen all of the best electric cars 2015.

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