The Most Reliable Luxury Cars under $ 40,000 in USA for 2016

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The Most Reliable Luxury Cars under $ 40,000 in USA for 2016

People are looking for the most reliable luxury cars that come with affordable price. The luxury cars are always expensive and only a few people that can buy these models. But at the end of this year, there are so many automotive manufacturers that produce new luxury cars with affordable price. Of course, the specification and the design of interior and exterior are not as good as the ultra luxury cars because they have to cut the expensive to make it affordable. But all of these cars are still trusted because they come with decent engine system with all of their specifications.

All of these most reliable luxury cars are also called as entry level because they are luxury yet the cheapest at their classes. Let’s take a look at these reliable luxury cars for 2016.

2016 BMW 3 Series

The new BMW 3 Series that will be released in 2016 is the new entry level sedan that is recommended for you. The price of this car is only $ 30,000 for the standard trim levels. It has amazing bodywork with luxury interior design, including leatherette seats, auto climate control, 10-speakers and BMW offers convenience features that will make sure you drive this car peacefully.

2016 Audi A4

It comes out with more expensive than BMW 3 Series because the all new Audi A4 is starting at $ 35,000 for the base model. There will be 3 different trim levels that come at different price and transmission. This car is powered with 2.0-liter 4-cyl for the base model that will squeeze out up to 220 horsepower. The design of new 2016 Audi A4 looks elegant even though there is no major change on the interior and exterior of this car.

2016 Mercedes Benz C-Class

Mercedes Benz always produces ultra luxury cars for the automotive enthusiasts around the world. But this time, they come with the most reliable luxury cars in entry-level segment by bringing 2016 Mercedes Benz C-Class that is worth for $ 38,000 as MSRP. It comes with 4 trim levels and the most expensive series in this class is the C450 AMG 4Matic, which is the combination between sporty and luxury car. It comes with $ 50,900 for those of you who want to enjoy the sensation to drive with the new C-Class. There will be two different engines but the entry level model gets 2.0-liter inline 4 that produces up to 240 horsepower.

2016 Lexus IS 250

This one is also the combination between luxury and sporty sedan that merges into one. The price of this car is $ 37,000 for the base model and you will get the Turbocharged engine that squeeze up to 240 horsepower. It comes with Rear Wheel Drive and 8-speed Direct Shift Transmission that will let you try the new sensation of driving with one of the most reliable luxury cars.

Those are several types of the most reliable luxury cars that are recommended for you. All of them is also the new entry level sedans that are worth under $ 40,000.

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