Top 3 The Best Luxury Cars 2014

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What do you think about a luxury car? Indeed, in this car, all parts of it are designed with a luxury touch and those who use the car will get those luxury actually. In this recent day, the designers of luxurious car from many car manufacturers always do the innovations so that there will be several best luxury cars in 2014 model. Those best luxury cars 2014 of course provide people who are crazy with luxury car have a big chance get the best car which is designed with all luxurious things. In addition, in order that you can choose on ene of those cars, below is the list of the best car in 2014 model having the best specification.

Talking about the luxury car itself, you may will find that all parts in the vehicle represent how great the vehicle. For instance is that you find the luxurious both interior and exterior. Besides, its engine is designed at the same way too. Thus, when you choose best luxury cars 2014, all of those luxurious specification in the vehicle are yours. In addition, are curious about several best 2014 luxury cars.

Then, for the first car there is Mercedes S350 L Blue TEC SE Line. As it is known that Mercedes is one of the manufacturers which always have many innovations to make their cars look luxurious. Im this car itself, its 3 L diesel engine actually has helped this vehicle to get the best performance on the road with 40 mpg fuel economy. Also, the version of long wheelbase of this S-Class Mercedes car can help all buyers find the greatness from it. Meanwhile, for both exterior and interior will be great too. Every touch of luxury is shown there. Such a high material with best quality is used there so that it becomes one of the best luxury cars 2014.

Moreover, for another best luxury cars 2014 is Porsche Panamera. The same with Mercedes, Porsche is also known as the manufacturer of luxury cars. Nowadays, there are many luxury cars which have been released in which Panarera becomes one of the best one. Its luxury of the car indeed will be shown by all parts of the vehicle. For instance is that in car’s interior. The luxurious atmosphere is felt by the first time people enter the car. Then, its cabin with best luxurious technology added with best features become such a good thing all buyers should experience. For the power, this vehicle has 422 hp with the top speed 285 km/hr.

After that, Range Rover is the next best car having luxurious concept. As we know that this car is known as a high price one because of the luxury offered by the manufacturer. Enhanced by long wheelbase model that is new makes this vehicle come to be the third best luxury cars 2014. A diesel and electric engine in this car actually what we can called as an attractive feature besides the other parts of the car such as the exterior and interior which have been designed well in the best luxury touches.