Top 3 New Vehicles for 2016

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Top 3 New Vehicles for 2016

At the end of this year, there would be new vehicles for 2016 that will be introduced in the US marketplace. As automotive enthusiasts, I think that you should know what new vehicle that is worth the wait next year. It will give you a point of view when you want to change your old car with the new one. At least, now you know the target of your next car in 2016. So, are you ready to check out what comes next?

2016 Fiat Abarth 500X

2016 Fiat Abarth 500X

Fiat comes to the next level in US marketplace by bringing the brand new Abarth 500X. We used to know that Fiat Abarth is old-fashioned style hatchback that comes with the sharp edge and square bodywork. But who knows that this variant will come out in sporty look? Even the brand new 2016 Fiat Abarth 500X is ready to compete with its rivals such as Nissan Juke and even MINI Cooper Club that come with luxury-sporty feel, no wonder that this car is included in new vehicles for 2016 that is recommended for auto fans. Fiat also offers new powerplant under the hood that now is coming with Turbocharged system to support the 1.6-liter engine. Now, you can get enough power to reach 63 mph in less than 7 seconds.

2016 Alfa Romeo Giulia

2016 alfa romeo giulia sedan

After 4 years of hiatus, now Alfa Romeo comes out with Giulia series in US marketplace. The price of this car has not released for US marketplace but in the UK, it will be approximately 24.000 pounds. Alfa Romeo confirms that they will release the next-gen of Giulia in September 2016 in Europe marketplace and the release date in the USA will be announced in following days. This executive sedan comes with V-6 engine that capable of producing up to 505 hp. Alfa Romeo also says that there will be diesel engine as additional option for this car.  Giulia is included on one of the new vehicles for 2016 that is worth the wait because this car has striking appearance and wonderful performance.

2016 Aston Martin DB11

2016 Aston Martin DB11 Release Date

The beauty of Aston Martin DB10 continues as this car maker is starting to produce the next generation of it; DB11. We know that this variant also appeared on the Spectre movie. Aston Martin claims that the movie was a good way to tease the public about the charm and performance of Aston Martin DB11 that now is equipped with 6.0-liter Twin Turbo engine with V-12 type. The design of this car looks captivating with strong face front hood that comes with new LED Lights, and dynamic rear end without spoiler. But you should be patient if you have the intention to buy this car because it will be available in late 2016 with price more than $ 200,000 as MSRP.

Those are top 3 new cars for 2016 that is worth to wait. Now you can choose the segment you like, either you want to buy new hatchback model or luxury and sporty sedan. Each variant offers different advantages for the owner but one thing for sure, those are top 3 new vehicles for 2016.

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