Top Luxury Car Brands from Germany

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Top Luxury Car Brands from Germany

When it comes about top luxury car brands from Germany that is preferred by the auto fans in USA, then we have a lot of things to talk to. As we know that for a long time, Germany is known by their engineering and their magnificent technology has spread out around the world. Also, Germany is known as where the first DNA of diesel engine created. Time by time, there is a lot of Germany car makers that produce many variants of vehicles that are powered with different engine options. Now, let’s see the top Germany automakers that popular in USA or even around the world.


2016 bmw i3 4dr hatchback

First thing first, when we talk about Germany luxury car makers then people will think about BMW. This car manufacturer has cemented their flag in many automobile marketplaces around the world. It’s not only popular brand in US but UK, Asian and also Australian. This year, BMW offers many species that can be chosen according to your desire, such as BMW X SUV, BMW M Series or the brand new BMW i3 which is a combination of sport car and luxury species.


mercedes benz m class review

Another top luxury car brand from Germany that is popular around the world is Mercedes-Benz. Since the early of the 2000s, Mercedes-Benz offers different option of vehicles for the automotive enthusiasts around the world. The M series is specialized for the luxury sedan. Meanwhile, if you want to choose the sporty yet good looking sedan then you can choose the AMG trim levels. Don’t be surprised with the price offered by Mercedes-Benz for each variant that released because the price is fairly expensive in compare with the other variants in the marketplace.


2016 audi s8 sedan reviews

Audi is not as popular as the other Germany luxury brands in some marketplaces because the prices of the vehicles are very expensive. But, Audi still becomes the favorite brand that dreaming of because each new car that released by Audi offers luxury you can’t resist. A few years ago Audi created economical vehicles to extend their wings and reach the middle-class marketplace. And next year, Audi prepares more variants that can be purchased by auto fans from different segment.


Last but not least, Volkswagen or what some people call it as VW, is the other the best Germany top luxury car brands that preferred around the world. This manufacturer is specialized in making cute yet powerful car. Plus, the price that offered for the market is considered affordable so all people from all segments can purchase their variants. Even though most of the Volkswagen’s vehicles are hatchback with economical engine, but some of them are available in sedan that uses powerful engine. I think Volkswagen could be the best option for those of you who want to buy one of the top Germany brands.

Now, you have the list of the top luxury car brands from Germany that can be chosen according to your budget, style of driving and also engine system.

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